The best Therapy is Prevention

The long-term preservation of your teeth is our main concern. In addition to oral hygiene at home a regular professional dental cleaning in a dental practice is essential.

The cleaning procedure is performed carefully be our experienced professionals. Your teeth will be cleaned and polished gently; pleasant after-feeling guaranteed. A detailed consultation including advice on the best dental care at home is an important part of this treatment.

After a thorough examination the teeth will be freed from hard and soft bacterial covering, colorations and food rests. A polish with special polishing pastes leaves a smooth pleasant feeling in the mouth cavity and reduces the risk of further build-up of plaque (bacterial film) on the teeth. The therapy is concluded with a mineral-based hardening treatment either with fluoride gel or varnish of the dental enamel that also helps to prevent caries.

We will provide you with practical assistance and advice whenever necessary so that your teeth stay healthy and strong, if possible for a lifetime.