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Welcome to the dental practice Dr. Kogan!

A lifetime of beautiful and healthy teeth – We would like to make your wish come true, in a sustained manner!

Our dental practice in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg covers almost every aspect of dental medicine: from high-end aesthetic dental fillings, all the way to complex root canal treatments. In the process, we are only using the latest methods and premium materials for our dental therapy. Due to the fact, that we are dedicating a lot of time and attention to our patients, we gained the ability to satisfy our patients specific needs and wishes, and even come up with tailored therapy solutions. The dental practice Dr. Kogan has a specialist for every type of treatment, which enables us to meet the individual needs of our patients and guarantee an optimal dental treatment. Our pool of patients does not only consist of grown-ups – we also look after your little ones, by offering them a gentle dental treatment with the same commitment to health and beauty.

We value personal care in a pleasant atmosphere. Our employees and dentists speak German, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Rumanian and Hungarian. So you do not have to worry about any communication difficulties.

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Welcome to the homepage
of the dental clinic of Dr. Kogan!

Beautiful and healthy teeth for a lifetime – we will make your dream come true and it will be everlasting!

Our dental practice in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin offers services in nearly every scope of dentistry: starting with high-quality and aesthetically pleasing inlays and ranging to complex root canal treatments. We use the most modern techniques and the best-quality materials for our therapies. The clinic has a specialist for every type of treatment, therefore a patient-specific approach and the best possible treatments are provided. It is not only adults that are welcome here – young patients are treated by us gently, patiently and with complete dedication.


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Multilingual Team

We speak German, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Rumanian and Hungarian.



Our practice provides dental treatment in a pleasant atmosphere to the highest standards of aesthetics, quality and patient-specific approach.


Dentist in Prenzlauer Berg

A friendly team offering all aspects of modern dentistry welcomes you in a modern and friendly district of Berlin.

  • The best Therapy is Prevention

    The long-term preservation of your teeth is our main concern. In addition to oral hygiene at home a regular professional dental cleaning in a dental practice is essential.

    We will provide you with practical assistance and advice whenever necessary so that your teeth stay healthy and strong, if possible for a lifetime.

    The best Therapy is Prevention
  • Aesthetic Dental Cure

    In order to restore the natural chewing function of a tooth with a caries cavity a filling has to be placed.

    There are various possibilities to fill in a tooth. We will gladly advice you on the matter at an individual appointment at our practice.

    Aesthetic Dental Cure
  • Root Canal Treatment

    During a root canal treatment in our clinic we carefully clean the damaged tooth from inside and seal the canal permanently. This way the present microorganisms are removed and the intrusion of further microorganisms or liquid is prevented.

    You are welcome to learn about individual treatment development in our dental practice in Berlin.

    Root Canal Treatment
  • Periodontitis Treatment

    This treatment is performed under anaesthetic. In the process the root surface, which lies underneath the gums, is being thoroughly cleaned. The procedure is repeated on every damaged tooth in the upper and lower jaws.

    Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for an advice concerning periodontitis treatment at the dental practice of Dr. Kogan.

    Periodontitis Treatment
  • Aesthetic Denture

    A shining smile is important at any age! We use various methods to make you smile again. Thereby we work with high-quality, anti-allergenic and metal-free materials.

    An individual concept is developed for every patient; the process will be discussed beforehand so any step of the treatment will be known in advance.

    Aesthetic Denture
  • Veneers

    Veneers are wafer-fin, extreme natural looking layers of material created especially for your teeth in a dental technical laboratory.

    Veneers help adjusting slight tooth displacement, changing teeth colour or hiding discoloration. The teeth surface will look shiny and absolutely natural.

  • Bleaching / Tooth whitening

    Any person who wants to keep the teeth healthy and cares for their appearance might consider whitening them.

    This procedure is also offered in our dental practice in Prenzlauer Berg Berlin. Morover, teeth-bleaching is one of our specialities. The ZOOM-Bleaching by Philips is used to achieve the best results.

    Bleaching / Tooth whitening
  • Implantology

    A dental implant is an alloplastic component that bonds to bone of the jaw. The branch of dentistry that deals with the insertion or osseointegration of dental implants is known as implantology.

    The implantology is a part of our dental services range – we will gladly advise you on this topic at our practice.

  • Child / Paediatric Dentistry

    Young patients are welcome at our practice – they will be treated by us gently, patiently and with complete dedication. Very few adults go to the dentist with joy; for a child a visit to a dentist can be ten times as difficult.

    Our dentists know exactly how to treat the small patients and how to make them trust a doctor with a dental drill.

    Child / Paediatric Dentistry

Our doctors


Prosthetics, aesthetic dentistry (inlays, overlays, veneers), aesthetic dental restoration, implant prosthetics, removable as well as fixed dental prostheses for any kind of implant construction.


Innovative endodontic therapy with the latest methods of root canal treatment, aesthetical restoration, periodontitis treatment, professional dental cleaning, paediatric dentistry.


More than 20 years of experience. Member of APW, DGZMK and ZÄK Berlin. Aesthetic dentistry (inlays, overlays, veneers), prosthetics, implant prosthetics, implantology.


Dentist for over 15 years, surgeon, extraction of teeth, implantology

Patient Evaluation

  • Patient Peter V.
    One totally competent and friendly team, the quality of their work is outstanding!

  • Patient Frank L.
    It can’t be better, nice comfortable practice and no waiting!

  • Patientin Brigita H.
    The team in the practice is well trained and reception is very friendly. I would definitely recommend it.

  • Patient Eugen R.
    I am very satisfied with the treatment. Dr. Kogan took his time and explained every step of the therapy to me in advance. The friendly atmosphere in the practice is another advantage.

  • Patient Steffen R.
    I am very satisfied with the treatment. Dr. Kogan took his time and explained every step of the therapy to me in advance. The friendly atmosphere in the practice is another advantage.

  • Patientin Jana S.
    Everything here is just right: competent and friendly advice, professional examination and treatment. I am more than happy about the practice services and its cosy atmosphere.